About the Firm

Located in the Washington, DC Metro area, the Essential Patent LLC law firm helps clients with complex intellectual property law issues.  The firm represents domestic and international clients in hi-tech industries, including telecommunications, information technology, Internet, software and electronics.  The firm's practice areas include:

  • Standard essential patents
  • Alternative dispute resolution
  • Patent litigation
  • Litigation counsel support (objective review, moot argument, third-party discovery, etc.)
  • Post-grant patent proceedings
  • Infringement or validity opinions
  • Product clearance or redesigns
  • Trade secrets

Essential Patent Blog

The firm publishes the Essential Patent Blog that provides information on standard essential patent litigation, licensing and other developments.  The blog also analyzes important patent law developments.  The blog is followed by decision makers in industry, the judiciary and competition authorities throughout the world.

Contact Info

PO Box 710868
Oak Hill, VA  20171

Phone: (202) 793-6445
Email: contact@essentialpatent.net